About Us


About Us

Our company PPHU „Iras” Ireneusz Gacki is a leading exporter and importer of second hand clothes since 1995. We have our own sorting plant in Czaplinek, Poland and oure mployees are very experienced in grading clothes. Our trading partners supply us with the best quality of goods from Western Europe: United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

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We are owner of several second hand shops in Poland. Basically we sell second hand goods by weight. Our brand Second Hand From London is very popular among Polish customers.

Our company has big business partners in Tanzania, Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, India, Pakistan. All of the map preciate quality of our goods.

PPHU „IRAS” Ireneusz Gacki has a „Credible Company Certificate”given by National Economic Chamber of Recyclable Textiles. Our company thanks to energy of Owner and employees commitmentis still developing and growing.

As an eco-friendly company we care for the environment. We sort cottonrags for wipers and materials for recycling, likes weaterswhich are recycled in toblankets and carpets.

Our company also takes care of proper waste management such as foil, waste paperaccordingEuropean Union norms. We are environmentally friendly company!

New companiesarewelcomed to contactUs for cooperation.

Contact details:

Accounting department:
phone: +48 94 375 55-05
fax. +48 94 372 49-96
e-mail: iras@iras.com.pl

Piotr Michaś  +48 508 463 079
Łukasz Gacki  +48 509 660 958

Transport (order of buses):
Mariusz Ciecharowski +48 509 660 978
phone/fax: +48 94 375 56 31